Marine Construction

tileBridge and Marine construction projects are often described as having the greatest risk.  But with risk can come the reward… that is if the project was estimated correctly.

At the TCH Consulting Group, our senior estimators have prepared all types of take-offs, estimates and hard bids for an wide variety of heavy marine projects. We have help our clients bid and build port facilities, piers, marinas, docks and bridges along the eastern seaboard as well as ship terminals in the Caribbean to US Naval facilities along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

tile TCH Consulting Group is experienced in all type of bridge and marine construction work. From design/build bridge projects to hurricane repairs we have the knowledge and technical skill to correctly estimate your work.


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The following project list represents only a small sample of the diverse range of project(s) estimated to date.
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Heavy marine projects pose unique logistical considerations, they are by nature often inaccessible by land and frequently involve specialized equipment designed and built for the harsh marine environment.  In order to bid and build these types potentially lucrative projects it requires special knowledge and skill to fully understand the scope of this type of work as well as the capacity and limitations of the crews, equipment and support vessels necessary to successfully implement the work.

Barges, cranes, conveyors, dredges and tugs represent just some of the types of equipment and support vessels common to heavy marine work. However, identifying and finding the right equipment for the job is just the beginning of the process, equally important is determining the correct means and methods for safe, productive and ultimately economical use of this equipment.  Our project experience includes all aspects of the job, from round-the-clock work to the  off-shore transfers of materials to the movement and placement of hundreds of thousands of tons of riprap along the shoreline of the Mississippi River to dredging, seawall construction and beach re-nourishment projects and along  coastlines and waterways throughout the united states and the Caribbean.

Dredge Spoil Containment Facilities

In conjunction with our estimating and construction experience on oceans, rivers and lakes we have helped our clients bid and build variety of dredge spoil facilities located throughout the southern United States.

These projects, located both on and off the mainland required in aggregation the clearing of thousands of acres of land, the movement of millions of yards of dirt and the construction of miles and miles of levees.  Other special features included under-drain systems, water control structures, weirs and platforms and bird islands exclusive to these types of marine and marine related project.

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In Early 2012 the City of St. Augustine, FL began construction on a new seawall flood/ protection project. The projects scope included: maintenance of traffic, environmental controls, demolition, temporary construction, precast concrete piles and wall panels, soil anchors, cip concrete promenade and wall, utilities and roadway improvements. Alternate bid items included landscape, irrigation and underground electrical.

The cost detail and quantities as well as some of the cost values shown on the attached estimate as well as some of the quantities listed on the take-off have been modified to prevent the unauthorized re-use of this estimate. Only projects that are publicly available are selected as Case Study projects.


Project: St. Augustine Municipal Seawall
Year Built: 2013
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Owner: City of St. Augustine
Size: 1,200 lnft

Job Assignment:     Hard-Bid Estimate

Engineer Estimate:  $3,200,000

Total Labor Man-hours: 15,800


The TCH Consulting Group was tasked with the providing a complete, fully labored and detailed, multi-divisional estimate for the construction of the new municipal Seawall.

Project Take-off Samples:  

Seawall Estimate

A combination wall pile system consist of two main sections: a king pile and a sheet pile.  Combi-walls systems are comprised of high modulus structural components, often Wide Flange, Pipe Pile of Engineered Beams, inter-spaced by lighter sheet piles to achieve an efficient, cost-effective solution.


PLEASE NOTE: Case study reports are provided for informational purposes only.  Unauthorized use of this information is strictly prohibited.

King Pile Case Study Bridge Estimate


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