Professional Estimating Services


At TCH we are freelance construction estimators. We provide comprehensive estimating services that develop successful and accountable estimating departments.

Our commitment of uncompromising service is founded on time-tested procedural techniques. At TCH we utilize the latest in technology and construction market data and are always completely sensitive to the clients needs for discretion and confidentially. Our engineered services consistently meet or exceed our clients expectations by delivering creative solutions in a professional and timely manner. In today’s fast moving markets, bidding opportunities come and go quickly, at TCH we provide to our clients the additional resources of experience, technical skill and talent to keep their company in front of the competition.

Our Total Solutions Package educates, trains and mentors all levels of estimating personnel with sustainable estimating models and winning departmental strategies that will make your company more competitive and profitable now and in the years to come.

We are proud to serve clients who range in size from ENR 400 Engineering and Construction Companies to small family owned specialty subcontractors.

Let us put our experience and reliability to work for you.

Many of the estimating companies we have contacted have little to no actual “hard bid” estimating experience, what can you offer us?

The TCH Consulting Group has built a solid reputation as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable “hard bid” estimating firms in the country.   There are larger firms out there but few with more verifiable, hands-on, contractor bid day experience. We invite you to give us a call and see how our experience, performance and reliability can work for you.

What divisions of work do you routinely perform?

We are a full service, multi-division, (CSI Master Format) estimating firm. We perform in-house all aspects of take-off, data analysis and fully detailed estimate development, including but not limited to:

Architectural precast concrete
Asphalt and concrete pavement
Complex millwork and custom fabrications
Dewatering analysis and system design
Directional drilling
Dredge production
Earthwork cut/fill analysis
Exterior wall systems
Framing and lumber packages
High voltage electrical transmission lines
Interiors and paint and finishes
Landscaping and irrigation
Material processing and handling
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing
MES (mechanically stabilized earth)
Piling systems, auger, concrete, steel, wood and tie-back systems
Structural cip concrete, steel and post tension
Underground utilities

Do you ever provide estimates to more than one contractor bidding on the same job?

No, never.

Do you use a pre-packaged database such as RS Means to develop your bid item labor/equipment cost for your estimates?

No, we typically build client/job specific labor tables, crews and equipment databases for nearly every client project.

Can you help me setup my estimating department and reorganize my bidding process so it is more efficient and effective in procuring profitable work?

Yes, we will review your current bidding processes and methods, analyze its effectiveness as well as its direct and indirect cost, and then provide you with a custom written, in-depth procedural manual of best practices to meet your company’s goals.

Do you ever work outside your office?

If requested, we can come to you or any of your project locations.

Can you use our in house estimating software?

Yes, over the last 16 years we have used, helped set-up and trained clients on a wide variety of our client\’s estimating software programs (Timberline, HCSS and Corecon just to name a few. We have licenses to several of the most popular estimating software titles.

Can we purchase your in-house XL-Pro™ software?

Yes, we can sell, set-up and train our clients on this inexpensive, robust, easy to use and customizable Excel® software ad-in for $695.00 p/ea (includes remote set-up and telephone support.)

Do you have design-build project experience?

Yes, our estimating team have estimated a variety of design-build projects.

What about government or institutional design-bid-build project experience?

Yes, we have successfully estimated all types of design-bid-build projects.  We also have multiple project experience where we contributed valuable initial design and technical support as well as provided plan and budget reviews at the design milestones throughout the entire design-bid-build process.

Can you help your clients qualify for and bid government RFP projects?

Yes, our RFP project experience is hands-on and extensive. We can consult as well as offer a variety of specific services to help you achieve this procurement goal.

What other services can you offer that might give us an edge on the competition.

We help our clients develop a winning pre-bid and corporate overhead strategy as well as perform in-depth site reconnaissance services.

How do we get started?

Call or email us today and we will be glad to discuss your objectives, timeframe and estimating budget.

Since 1998, TCH Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing professional construction cost estimating and project management services to ENR 400 Contractors, Specialty Subcontractors, Real Estate Developers, HOA and Condo Associations, Engineers, Architects and Construction Litigation Firms worldwide.


For over 15 years the estimating team at TCH Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing flexible and reliable cost estimating service to Architects, Contractors, Developers, Engineers and Owners on all type and sizes of building, civil, heavy highway, industrial-plant and marine construction projects worldwide. Our freelance construction estimators are some of the best in the business; I invite you to check out our team’s credentials for yourself, so give us a call today.

Feasibility Studies
Conceptual Estimates
Competitive – Hard Bid
Design-build Estimates

Change Orders
Value Engineering
Litigation Support
Buy-out Negotiations

Residential Cost Models
Insurance Reconciliations
Phase Design Estimates
Project Life Cycle Analysis

Our on-demand estimating services provides our clients with a very flexible, cost effective and reliable way to utilize the technical resources, talents and estimating expertise of the TCH Consulting Group team when you need it.

Top Five Reasons to outsource your estimating to the TCH Consulting Group:

1) We are experienced and reliable estimators
2) We have the skills, tools and intellectual resources to take-on any size project.
3) We can help your company expand into new markets
4) We can help your company get more profitable work
5) We bring immediate expertise to the project

Furthermore, our popular bid-day service allows us to collaborate with your estimating department either on-site or remotely and provide your team with additional hands-on bid-day assistance and oversight at the time it absolutely matters the most.

Case in Point: For most contractors (large or small), the task of expanding into new markets means bidding and building unfamiliar and often increasingly complex types of projects. This progressive action creates the greatest risk but often the greatest opportunity, that will impact the future growth and forward stability of these companies and for the same companies, this new work will create increasing demands on cash flow as well as added overhead expense.

It is unquestionably a difficult and expensive long-term process building a properly skilled and equipped estimating department. Achieving this is goal is always precursor and paramount to a company’s ultimate success. Most contractors discover the creation of such a department is typically a slow process that is always subject to trial and error and often continuous internal reorganization.

Yet, despite the limited probability of success, many companies attempt to address and pursue potential opportunity from behind the learning curve only to waste valuable time and resources in the process or worse yet, incur disproportionate and unmanageable liabilities as well as financial loss that can take years to overcome or worse yet is simply unrecoverable.

Speaking in mathematical terms this situation is a simple equation…
“The solution to any risk/return equation cannot be solved or balanced without the introduction of added resource and technical skill to offset the physical risks involved.”

The bottom line… Don’t pursue opportunity unprepared – make sure you fully understand the risks as well as the potential reward and most importantly be fully prepared and have the skilled personnel and intellectual resources that you need when you need it.

At TCH Consulting, we invite you to talk to us about your market opportunities and let us show you how our On-Demand estimating skill and experience can be your immediate and most cost effective solution when pursuing new markets or stepping up to new and larger project opportunities. Our estimating team’s years of industry experience and vast technical knowledge compliments this analysis process and we have assisted owners, architects, engineers, developers and contractors alike to determine accurate and reliable cost estimates for all types of conceptual projects.


When you are ready to begin, give us a call and let\’s discuss how we can help.

Telephone: (904)-814-3527

Getting Started is Easy! Send us your documents, we\’ll confirm their receipt and get back to you in 24 hours or less with a proposal.  Please use the form below to attach and send your file(s.)

Upload files are limited to the following extensions: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .csv, .xla, .dwt, .dwg, .dfx and .cad.


Our professional services are billed by the hour, the job, or a not-to-exceed lump sum basis.

A one-time 50% deposit of the estimated or stipulated fee is required for all new clients.
Invoices are due and payable when work is delivered.

  • Clerical Assistant $45 Per/Hour (If requested by the client)
  • Senior Estimator $85 Per/Hour
  • Principal $125 Per/Hour

Note: The above hourly rates are used to define the basis of cost for all client services and estimating assignments.

At TCH Consulting, we do our very best to provide flexible and personal service to our clients. Long term client relationships are the hallmark of our success.  However, over the years we have found that the following few terms and conditions are necessary to keep our rates low and or standards of service the best in the industry.

  • Clients that request an upfront lump sum or not-to-exceed price proposal may be charged for this service. If a charge is discussed and agreed to upfront the estimators hourly rate will apply.
  • Lump sum fees do not include additional time for addendums, revisions or rebids unless specifically noted in writing.
  • Any FedEx or UPS delivery charges incurred on the behalf of the client will be billed separately to the client.
  • Either party can cancel work on an assignment at any time. Any and all time employed on assignment will be billed at the estimator’s hourly rate.
  • No insurance of any kind is provided by TCH Consulting unless specifically requested and agreed to in writing. All associated insurance premiums shall be prepaid by the client.
  • Canceled checks will be charged a 15% clerical fee in addition to all bank charges.
  • Proprietary and/or intellectual property supplied by the client shall remain the property of the client. Proprietary and Intellectual Property supplied to the client shall remain the property of TCH Consulting.


At TCH Consulting, we understand that jobs sometimes get canceled and bidding priorities often change. In the event you find it necessary to terminate a pre-paid or scheduled project for any reason, we ask that you call and speak directly to a TCH consulting representative as soon as possible to officially stop the work. Due to the importance of this matter leaving a voice message or sending an email is not considered an acceptable notification. As soon as we are contacted, we will quickly respond with a confirmation that the work has stopped.  Any prepaid funds not used at the time of cancellation will be gladly refunded. Likewise, any funds expended on behalf of the client up to the time of cancelation will be deducted from any pre-payment or billed to the client.

  • Checks
  • Bank to Bank Transfers
  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • PayPal


At TCH Consulting we recognize the importance of referrals and the value of person-to-person introductions. We always want to show our appreciation to our clients and affiliates for initiating these actions. The standard one-time referral cash reward for the sale of our estimating software is $65.00 per licensed seat. The one-time referral cash reward for consulting services is $100 dollars.